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Thread: Prblems with lead singers girlfriend may break band up

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    Feb 2005

    girfriend sucks? had this problem before!

    1. find out his astro sign (no not just sun, the works), find out hers if necessary on pretext of doing compatibility chart for them for a wedding present. take it to professional or do on line for about 20$. find the weak link and use it 2. Sit them down with all the band and a mediator (preferably a club manager they both respect that is cool headed OR someone who is in the recording end, i.e. studio manager you have worked with and he absolutely respects. have them give feedback about All band members good and bad qualities, his singing, and her LOUSY singining. 3. remember coming from outside professional person will eliminate the sting of his hurt, breaking up the band, making other band members look like they hate this women, etc. 4. If all else fails you will simply have to look for another singer....they are out there.....sorrry but always look for what is best for the WHOLE BAND, THE DREAM, THE VISION, sound like you have a tear in the seam he is not willing to look at...

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    Yes , astrology , may be the answer! (lol)If the astrologer doesn't work theycan always cry on Ophra's shoulder , where's that Ophra Lady with the soggy shoulder!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zarathustra
    Bad Yoko.
    {~-=I am the Lizard King, I can do anything-=~} (R.I.P Jim)

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    Well, it seems okay now, but that whole control thing is not good, you need to cut in and establish to the pair that you guys ARE the band, and that they can find somewhere else if they wanna run the show. You gotta be firm and descisive in this business, when you start letting people tell you what to do against your best gut feeling, you start getting totally chopped out and left for dead.

    Its good that you got it sorted singing wise but be wary of what she can do with him as a manipulative tool, just make sure you establish your presence so you don't get shunted aside when critical desicions appear down the road...


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    Unhappy it came to a head

    Well we finally came to a do or die situation with regards to moving forward or staying where we were at and we voted her out. This caused some major hell for the singer, (the boyfriend) at home. I felt really really horrible, but it was like- get radio play, get the big gigs, (which we now have been offered) but only if she wasn't with us. Or keep her happy, keep her learning and getting better and end up with one venue in town that will still have you and no fan base. I finally heard from her and she's blaming the brunt of it on me because I had gotten close to her, was always encouraging her and sticking up for her. Just that the longer we went on the more I kept hearing you guys would be the best band in town IF...., and you guys totally rock, BUT.....
    And we want to hire you guys to come play BUT....
    I just felt torn and now I feel like sh%% and she pointed out that I mess up more than she did and I'm still in the band and I should have been honest with her. But I was never allowed to be up-front and honest with her, we were told to tell her man and let him find a "tactful" way to tell her. The one member who was totally honest with her they hate now and he left the band because of how personal it was taken.
    My thing is.. how do I deal with the guilt I am feeling over this? I care about her and I know for a fact she hates my guts now. I don't like unresolved issues or when people don't like me as a person, and I know that I can never fix this. I feel that there will always be animosity from the singer (the guy) towards me, though he says otherwise. But I did defend her and I did encourage her, but it was time for the band to succeed or stagnate. *sigh* I just don't see it being fun any more because I had to take part in hurting someone that was my friend.
    sorry for the long rant. I'm just really bummed.
    "I love you all. I love you more than life itself, but you're all fu**ing mad." - Ozzy Osbourne

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