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Thread: How to mute string skipping arpeggios which include tapping ??

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    How to mute string skipping arpeggios which include tapping ??

    So, I read the great article by David Bohorquez. And since I was always interested in using arpeggios, I tried stuff like that before, and most of it works fine ( at a damned low speed, I tell ya ). But when it comes to the string skipping arpeggios which include tapping, my way of muting does not work and I get terrible noise from open strings, buzz, ... (=the *bläh-sound*). How would you mute that stuff ??
    the strange thing is, I get less ( but still enough ) noize when I descend as when I ascend... maybe my left hand mutes kind of automaticly when I descend ?? Ah, btw I tap with my first finger ( but I would be also able to tap with the 2nd and the 3rd, but I think I have more control by using the first finger .... ).

    Thanks for any advice

    PS : My aim is to be able to play some Romeoesque stuff .............

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    Hey, kiddo...

    While trying to do string skipping/tapping licks, you should try to hold your kick in your normal way and tap with the middle, so you're ready to pick anything you may need to pick... ...again, thanks for your kind words regarding my article.


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