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Thread: Headaches when Singing

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    Unhappy Headaches when Singing


    I play bass and front my own band. Most nights I get really bad headaches during the 3rd set and thye will last through the 4th set and go away after I'm done. I don't understand why I get them... Any Ideas?????

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    In general, you can get headaches from dehydration (lack of water), or lack of oxygen. Singing a lot (breathing out) can often lead to breathing only just enough. Perhaps you should see a song teacher to get some breathing techniques? And if you remember to drink a couple of litres a day as well, this'll proabaly pass over...

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    4 sets + Doing hard work on the stage and sweating + Too much beer = headache

    drink lots of water!
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    I appreciate the feedback... First of all... I don't drink beer when I'm playing, I have one after I'm done for the evening. I find that beer well effect my stamina and I will be draging by the end of the 3rd set. For the most part I drink Water or Coke with lots of ice. Breathing may be part of the factor as well. I will try to drink a bunch of water prior to the first set. Also, I do sweat alot and that could add to the dehydration. Thanks for the input!

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