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Thread: My and my bands stage fright

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    Shred Apprentice Bande's Avatar
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    Jul 2004

    My and my bands stage fright

    Hi there, guys!

    I just wanted to write a few things about my and my bands stage fright.

    When we gave our first ever concert, the funny thing was that all of us claimed:
    Hey, I won't be afraid! We1ve practiced, we've arranged everything, it'd be a piece of cake. But I really could not believe that this was the way it was to happen. The other 3 guys told me to have a pint of beer or two, because it'd "loosen our tightness". I agreed, and we got us a few drinks each, and hey, we were a bit tipsy on stage, but of course we had practiced enough indeed, so we didn't make a mistake. But I thnk this beer stuff is not the real point. The main thing is that the audience that was presemt that night, was there to hear OUR music (we play hard rock). They all wanted to hear our rock riffs, cool licks and drum solos, and wanted to feel good. And since we knew it, we weren't stiff, cause we knew everyone would appreciate what we would "commit" on stage.

    But here's another story:

    When we (the same 4 people) had to play Beatles, and other songs very different from our style on a high-school farewell party,(funny thin innit? A rock band playing stuff like this! Well, that would be a very long story to tell) well... we filled our underpants. Cause we knew that it won't come staight from our heart, and we knew that those 4 guys on stage aren't the same 4 who performed that hard rock concert a month before...

    Same happened when my teacher in school asked me to play christmas carols at a school-christmas party...

    Strange thing isn't it?

    The only conclusion I can have is that playing for YOUR audience (I don't mean 578 of your friends, or whomever you KNOW) is far different, because you can have better connection with them, and you know that they'll appreciate you (even if they eventually won't)

    Of course, man must fight agains REAL stagfe fright, because you MUST be able to perform in front of anybody.

    Hey, I know it was Feckin boring, so thanks for your attention

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    fan of the G string curiousgeorge's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    Britney's basement
    Beer helps but whatever you do, don't smoke anything before a show, or you will be lost in your own musical world and your playing will sound a lot better to you then it will your audience.....that is, unless you are playing in Amsterdam.

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    Registered User satch_master's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    Sydney , Australia
    yeah dont smoke pot b4 a show ....unless your hendrix. otherwise ur gonna me a fool of urself.

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