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Thread: Help with Writing Songs

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    Jan 2005
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    Help with Writing Songs

    Hi all, I have a problem. Everytime I write a song, it sounds like all my other ones. Like they all sound almost all alike. Another thing...I can neeeever finish a song. I get like one good part, then I just cant add a chorus or anything to it, it just sounds way worse compared to the other part of the song. How do you guys write songs? Help is appreiciated thanks.

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    Hum Along

    Hello, Aaron here. I always tell people to use their ears. If you can record your song-part at all then do it. Listen to it and hum along. Humming internalizes melodies and their motion. Hopefully you'll get ideas from that. If you do, they will sound more inspired and more original than the ones you get from noodling around on the guitar.

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