Hey all. I've been on summer break for the past couple weeks and thought it was a good opportunity to finally start in seriously with the piano.

Practice so far just consists of 30 minutes with the ever popular Hanon exercises, and 30 minutes or so of familiar progressions (blues, 2-5-1) in various keys..chords with the left hand, and single notes with the right (mostly scales till I'm more comfortable, though once I see the pattern I can start to go out a bit). I'll start working the reverse too. Anything you guys would add, leave out, change, etc?

Thing is, I start getting nasty pains in my forearms near the wrists, after a frighteningly short timespan. Also, I can't get comfortable fingering chords with the left..I get aches in the back of my hand.

The first most certainly has to do with some problem in my technique. Anyone have this problem when they started out?

The second, could it be that I'm choosing bad fingerings? bad voicings? Or more technique problems?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.