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Thread: strum pattern - 'my happy ending'

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    strum pattern - 'my happy ending'

    hey hey
    i juss picked up the guitar again after a few years and i'm doin alright...but i started playing the song 'my happy ending' by avril lavigne and i just can't figure out the strum pattern for the song. i was listening to it and i know the chords...but yeah, really need help with the strum pattern.

    if you can help me out can you please either reply on here or send me a message to my e-mail gothicbutterfly_69@hotmail.com

    thank you for the help....

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    Have you tried Powertabs? It's a free program which instead of just showing you the tab and chords, also lets you play the music. Download it here: http://www.Power-tab.net

    I found a tab for the Avril song here:

    Good luck

    Oh and BTW:
    Welcome to the forums

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