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Thread: Cell phones

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    Since 1988 Carvinite's Avatar
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    Jan 2004

    Cell phones

    Hey, I just got a new cell phone the other day, and dude's, I HATE those freaggin littlie jinggle type rings, so I was going through looking for an actual ring you know. Well I started coming across rock&metal oriented, moreorless MIDI files, and I really wanna transcribe them. Has anyone else had this happen to them, this is so cool, I havent even started messing with the other stuff on my phone.


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    Frequent Jammer JailHouseRock's Avatar
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    Dec 2004
    My previous handphone got some cool tones that I like, sounds very classical. I tried transcribe it and it was fun to do that. The h/p even got a tool like 'composer' that features the staff, clefs and the ledger lines so that you can create your own tone.

    H/p nowdays got lots of modern/new stuff in it. You can set real sound or any song you like, even your own voice as your ringtone. Usually, when you call people, you will hear the "tutt..tutt..., tutt..., tutt...". Now, you can even set a song or 2 to replace the tut..tut.. sound.
    oh modern world..
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    oh harro;D delicious's Avatar
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    May 2005
    I find any ringtone bsides the generic 'ring ring' tone quite annoying;(, have my phone on silent:>! Although when i do use a ringtone i put it on knick knack(nokia)
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