Okay, this might sound REALLY stupid, but I gotta know!
How come I see left handed people playing guitar right handed?
But more than that, my 'stupid 'question is this:::
When playing (I'm a dominent lefty!)- which is better---have the dominent hand on the pick, or on the strings?
NO ONE can give me a definate answer here. I have tried both ways, and I just can't seem to get either, but I think it is because I'm just so unsure as to what to do! LOL
My son, who is 13, is ambidexterous, so he has the same problem I do, he just can't seem to figure out which hand to use!

We need help here, so please be kind!! hahaha

I HAVE paid for lessons, but just got so frustrated with them we quit.
I got Guitar for Dummies, but I think I need one for " blondes!" LOL I just do NOT get it!

Give a Mom some help here.

Thanks alot

Mom of 4