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Thread: scholarship song choice

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    Registered User hadleman's Avatar
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    Apr 2005

    Question scholarship song choice

    I am planning on attending Berklee Fall '06 and so natually I am preparing for a scholarship. They require that I play 1 song in the style that I wish to study (contemporary rock e.g. satch, vai, morse), and another song in a different style, key, time signature, etc. So for the first song I was considering Blue Powder by Vai. However, I'm not sure how well I can pull that off, so I was considering playing the most difficult Satch song I could find, which I know I could play. I guess my first question is, do you guys have any recommendations for song #1. My second question is, what do you guys think is the hardest Satch song. And my third question is, do you have any suggestions for the 2nd song, the one that's a contrast to the first.

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    Jun 2005
    I was going to post a similar topic sometime.

    I'm stuck in the same boat as you , i dont know what to play for my college audition. I was thinking mybe Far beyond the sun by malmsteen but i'm not sure , i need something else to play too.

    I hope someone posts here with a few good ideas.

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    Mad Scientist forgottenking2's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    Houston, TX
    I was looking into a berklee BEST scholarship but then an oportunity to study close by came across and I jumped into it (I still don't know how I would have managed to pay living expenses in Boston). Regarding your question: Acording to a guy I talked to (E-Mail the admisions department and someone will answer whatever question you may have) a TON of people send the guys at berklee their renditions of Satch and Vai (some pretty damn close) thinking that with just that they have a secure scholarship... the truth is Berklee is more interested in originality rather than in pure technique.
    If you are a paying student, you really need very little to get in... but to win a scholarship... keep in mind that you're competing against potential students from all over the world and a lot of them already have the chops.

    I still think Joe Satriani is a great choice (provided that you can pull it off flawlessly) in my opinion one of his hardest songs (which also happens to be REALLY cool) is Potato Head Grove Thing, I think it's an amazing demonstration of both technique and um... overall coolness .

    I hope this helps. Remember, you're better off playing something simple and do it flawlesly than trying to pull off something complicated and do it badly.

    Good Luck,
    "If God had wanted us to play the piano he would've given us 88 fingers"

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    Mar 2005
    One idea is to use a satch or vai song and invent your own solo for it following the same patterns; I bet you would get kudos for originality plus the fact that it has got good progressions if its a good song. If you want to try copying a really difficult song you could try something like speed metal symphony by cacophony or Forbidden City. If you want more of a song that has soul to it try jewel by marty friedman or Steve Vai's Windows to the Soul (my favorite vai song).

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    Ibreathe Music Advisor EricV's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    LOL I can perfectly understand theyīre looking for somethign creative, and I donīt wanna know how many times they have listened to renditions by Vai, Satch, Eric Johnson ( "Manhattan" seems to be a favorite ) and Yngwie at their auditions.
    So I dunno whether you wanna do that. This is only my theory but: They have heard a lot of people play "Manhattan", for example. Maybe they even roll their eyes inside when someone starts playing it. And I guess they have heard a lot of rather good renditions, so maybe if you make a mistake playing it yourself, it will stand out even more than if youīd play something they havenīt heard very often yet.
    I dunno...why not re-interpret a song. For example, I always like to take old ( and some modern ) pop and rock songs. Like "Boys Of Summer", "What Is To Burn", "With Or Without You", "Forever Young", "Rock You Like A Hurricane"
    And play them a bit differently... playing the vocal lines on guitar, play the original solo if there is one, then go off into improv-land and shred a bit.
    I think that if you do it with some self confidence, play it as if you feel comfortable playing it, and having fun, and maybe even put in some humor, the guys judging it will like it more than another version of Black Star.
    Just a suggestion though, maybe I am a bit off here... itīs up to you and what you feel comfortable with

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    Shred Apprentice Bande's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Maybe Midnight from Satch. Actually that's a touch-style (2 hand tapping) song, but it is really hard to play it clean and expressive.
    Can you spell T-E-N-D-O-N-I-T-I-S?

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