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Thread: bluesy... for me, not easy!

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    Registered User tucker97325's Avatar
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    May 2005
    I must admit, I've only been watching thread to see if it would flare up again into some interesting fireworks. I expect I will see them within the next few posts.

    I simply find it difficult to take Hairball seriously after listening to any of the things he has chosen post so far. I don't know if what he's saying has any value, because I honestly haven't paid any attention whatsoever to anything he has posted lately. I mean if I'm going to learn something from someone, That someone will need to impress me with what they do, not what they say, and Hairball just "ain't showed me nuthin' ".

    Edit: Apparently Stratman was responding about the same time I was.
    "What he said."
    Last edited by tucker97325; 10-09-2005 at 10:41 PM. Reason: Acknowledge Stratman's comments.
    "It ain't what you play man! Its how you play it."
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    Registered Geek Stratosaurus's Avatar
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    Aug 2005
    Southern Oregon, USA
    tucker: Same goes to you and Los Boleros... "What they said."

    Edit: Los Boleros, you can't forget this clip either. It's interesting to say the most. It gets especially interesting starting at around 45 seconds.


    And here's what he had to say about it:
    Quote Originally Posted by hairballxavier
    I jammed along for awhile and was having so much fun that I decided a bit throw down a couple tracks on this one. Hell, my neighbors were outside dancin' to this.
    Dancing... or calling the police? If they were dancing, where in the world do you live? I ask because I think this might be a place to send the Guinness World Records people for "the most tone deaf people in one place" record.
    Last edited by Stratosaurus; 10-09-2005 at 11:30 PM.
    Home is where you hang your guitar.

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    Registered Crutmauler
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    Apr 2005


    Alot of people have a big problem with blues and rock music (and in fact any type of modally influenced music) because of their religious values. That is why you will see totally irrational flaming and attempts to supress knowledge about this type music when the subject comes up. You will notice that the flamers never make arguments, just accusations, and will sure as hell not tell you any useful information about "Devil Music". Be wary of anyone that that tries to suppress knowledge.

    Quote Originally Posted by Someone who knows what he's talking about
    Quote Originally Posted by LosBoleros
    Instead of copying them from another site and posting them here, the right thing to do is to just let people know about the site and enough said. Oh by the way, while you've been busy copying tabs from other sites, there one thing you forgot to cut and paste.
    Duh dude, why do you think I linked to a site with PTB's before I even had powertab working. I respect.

    (Also if you want to go remixing my mp3s in the future, at least ask permission. Wtfiwwu, dude)

    Are you trying to imply that I plagarized some things? Accusing me? Are you playing the role of Satan the accuser? That's not somethin a good Catholic shoud do is it?

    I posted small excerpts of familiar songs in an educational format. Never more than a bar or two.

    *a nun smacks Hairball on the knuckles with a ruler, so he breaks into "Knock on Wood"*


    If you are then I say back up your words, Mr. accuser. Show the forum what I copy and pasted and from whom I plagerized it, (if I did I will surely give credit where credit is due, as a alyays do). And prove it Mr. accuser. Otherwise you look like a slanderous fool.

    I copied and pasted a couple of things that I posted on other sites, like the thing about ESHU, LORD OF THE CROSSROADS, but not any tab AFAIK, I copied it from my own txt file that is 100% MY OWN WORDS.

    Back up your claim Mr. Accuser.


    Is that the secret to playing blues? Accusing Hairball?

    *Eees a witch I say, Burn em I say, BUUUUURN HIIIIIIM.*

    Blah,blah,blah. Whatever dude.

    Again, What does your post have to do with playing blues? You know, the topic of this thread.

    Believe me, accuser dude, I'm not out to impress anyone here. I'm just giving sound advice. If you think my advice is bad, please feel free to tell us why it's bad. Even go get a new teacher.


    Quote Originally Posted by LB
    I apologise for the harsh tone here, but hairball has just been rude to anybody that questions anything.
    Apology accepted. but, but, and there's always a but... You ARE.....

    Accusing again to justify your rude behavior then trying to project it onto me? with false accusations? talking about yourself perhaps?. Love the generalizations in there LB. C'mon Old Blue, tell the forum what you have questioned. Where are these questions you speak of? And where is my rude reply to said questions? I assure you I never tried to offend you in any way. But if you want to take offense where none is intended, that's your perogative.

    Quote Originally Posted by LosBoleros
    ...anybody that questions anything....
    But I ask you this....


    Could you be more specific?

    I have already encougaged you to ask questions in another post if you don't understand. But you never did.

    Argumentum ad Nauseum

    If you are not going to contribute anything useful, why do you even post?
    What do your apologies and accusations have to do with impovising blues?
    I'm not afraid to ask questions, am I?
    Why are you?

    Quote Originally Posted by LosBoleros
    I will not be responding to any more of your senseless posts.
    Since you did respond, logical deduction tells us that either....

    (a) you're a flat out wrong, because you did respond to my post


    (b) you agree that my posts make sense, therefore you can respond because it's not senseless.....

    (c) Both a and b.

    I think the answer is (c)

    If anyone disagrees, please produce a logical argument to support your position.

    (no, (d) "u sux LOL" is not a logical argument)

    Don't get me wrong Rudy, I love most of your music that I've heard, but you do come off as a sort of Catholic Taurus type dude in these threads sometimes. But that's OK with me, just state your opinions more clearly. Just saying "yer wrong you sux" in your own eloquent way, and accusing people for no reason is not constructive criticism.

    Maybe that's just your style.
    And my style is to try to be entertaining, especially about difficult intricacies that are important but easy to overlook. That's the teacher in me.

    If you don't agree with me tell me why I'm wrong, believe me , you won't hurt me feelings, otherwise I'll just have to assume that you're just talking out your.......soundhole.

    I'd hate to think you are a brainwashed fool that thinks that the church modes and western harmony explain everything there is to know about music.

    Quote Originally Posted by LosBoleros
    Is Hairball really a Blues expert?
    WTF is a blues 'expert'?

    I'm a Metalhead, and I always have been. But to really understand Metal you have to first understand blues. Heavy Metal is just blues stripped down to the core and cranked up full blast. I learned that a long time ago. That's why I got into blues in the first place.

    But my real art is concrete, I'm a concrete finisher by trade and that will always take precidence over music. That is my real art.

    As some of the forumers have pointed out, blues is about feeling, and phrasing, and live performance. It's a spiritual celebration.
    It's about Eshu.
    If you don't like my
    GODS make up your own.
    Or have someone else tell you who your god is and his little whipping boy J that is the scapegoat for your guilty sins biatches. Give him your burden. You will find that you're just giving it to yourself. Good and hard.

    But Don't you step on my blue suede shoes.


    Cuz when it comes to improvising blues there's no room for that. It's just like having a truckload of concrete on site and it's gonna turn into a rock solid mass whether you like it or not and you have very little time to think about it, but you do anyways and move faster than the concrete and you make into a piece of art.

    You kick it's ***.

    Blues, just like every other form of music, is about conveying emotion. the difference with blues is that there is alot more room to improvise than most forms of music. It is natural, not contrived sequences or mathematical compromises.

    Convey emotion. How do you know when you are doing it right?
    People will let their emotion out.

    Reviews of my blues improvisation from a few of my peers (or harshest critics, if you will) here at here should tell you alot. Note also that this was in a strickly thread. I had to consciously limit myself to the strickliness or rules if you will.

    When it was live to them the first time they heard it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stratosaurus
    This one is my favorite of them all!
    Quote Originally Posted by UKRuss
    Rocking approach though! Me like that!
    Quote Originally Posted by Tucker
    I have to admit, you are "out there" dude!
    The exclamation points says it all. (I did get the emotion across

    Any BS schit talkin later don't mean a thang.
    cqause it's analyzin, not hearin' it live.

    Live, the first reaction is the only reaction.
    It's about the here and now, not a week later when I can say Hairballl sux even though he rocked my sox off.

    Thanks guys.

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    Registered Geek Stratosaurus's Avatar
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    Aug 2005
    Southern Oregon, USA
    Note: Everything I said in my second-to-last post on this thread pretty much highlights the craziness in the post above directly above this one.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stratosaurus
    This has inspired me to do another take for this thread. This one is my favorite of them all! I might have something thrown together by the end of the day.
    By "This one", I meant the thread. When I said you should tune your guitar and do another take... I didn't mean to imply that I thought it was good. More that if you did another take and it was good, I would consider putting it on the IBM CD I even still plan on burning. Still waiting for a good take. You'll note that I didn't say anything positive or negative in that post. Just neutral comments such as that I didn't have anything to say other than tune your guitar and work on your bends.

    Quote Originally Posted by tucker97325
    I have to admit, you are "out there" dude! I don't think it would matter how drunk, or whatever, I was, I don't think I could ever make a guitar sound like that. Even playing it behind my back, upside down in a dryer, I could just never do it. It simply amazes me that anyone can.
    Can you not see that this is an insult? He said it didn't matter how drunk he was, he couldn't make a guitar sound like that even playing it behind his back, upside-down in a dryer. He's amazed anyone could. And by "out there"... well, when ever I've heard anyone say that it was an insult too... i.e. "That dude is out there...". I don't think it meant "that's far out!"

    As for Russ' comment. Well, I can't speak for him. You'll need his honest opinion.
    Last edited by Stratosaurus; 10-10-2005 at 07:19 AM.
    Home is where you hang your guitar.

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    Mode Rator Zatz's Avatar
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    Apr 2002
    Kiev, Ukraine
    The thread is becoming too bluesy...
    Zadd9 -> A6 -> T#9b5 -> Zmaj7

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