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Thread: Legato Problems

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    Legato Problems

    Hello all, me again with another technique related problem. I've just recently noticed that if I do legato such as the line -7-4-5-4--8-5-7-5--10-7-8-7--12-8-10-8--13-10-12-10 (taken from the book 'Speed Mechanics') but all with hammer ons and pull offs, my fretting fingers brush the string below the one I'm playing slightly when I'm pulling off. I mainly play metal so I usually try to drape a finger across the higher strings for muting purposes so I've never noticed this problem before. I only seem to avoid this problem at really slow tempos and then the note I'm legatoing to sounds really weak and quiet. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you remedy this?

    I was even of thinking of buying Jamie Andreas's book on hammer ons and pull offs (http://www.guitarprinciples.com/Hamm..._more_info.htm) but not sure if it'd be worth it. I also don't agree with EVERY method of his, including playing with your right arm from the elbow, it seems a much better technique to use just the wrist but he disagrees.

    Oh and while I'm making one thread I might as well ask another question here: When I bend I keep my thumb in the same position practically as when I'm playing normally, in the centre of the back of the neck. All guitar teaching books and sites I've seen seem to say that you need your thumb over the neck for bends. Should I change to putting my thumb over the neck? It seems like a bad technique to me..........

    Thanks all!
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