Hi all,

I am currently looking to purchase a classical guitar for about 250 (give or take a few pounds) I have narrowed my choice down to either a Cuenca 10 / 20 or an Admira (Virtuoso /Avila / or Artista models)

The two Guitar stores near me, One sells Cuenca and the other sells Admira are both biased to the brand that they each sell

I should point out that the store selling the admira guitars is selling these guitars at between 50 -60 less than anywhere else I have found on the internet so the normal RRP for these guitars is considerably more than that for the cuenca ones. A friend of mine tells me that he believesthat the Admira ones are mass produced and that a little more care goes into the Cuenca ones. It also appears to me that 250 gets entry level Cuenca or a mid to top level Admira

can anyone out there give me an unbiased comparison into the quality of these two brands / Models

Many Thanks