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Thread: question

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    Sir Strumalot


    I have a yamaha electric guitar (not a strat, not pacifica, something else) I must say, it has a very cheap tremolo but the pickups are good (dimarzios). anyhoo, i am thinking of installing a sustainer .. some people told me its a nightmare on a cheapo guitar. (a 22 frets fretboard, and 2 pairs of pickups). I dont want to put it on my other guitar because it too expensive and i dont want to mess around with it. what do you think??

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    Hi there!

    iBreatheMusic Forum Rules don't permit gear-related questions anymore. Please refer to www.ibreathemusic.com/forums/forumrules.php? for further information.
    Check out www.harmonycentral.com for gear-related questions.

    Best regards!

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    He's right of course.

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