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Issue #16 -- 29 January 2004
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@ Introduction
@ What's New on IBreathe
@ Essential Listening: Dream Theater
@ Eric's Shred 101-Lick
@ Sizzling Hot Forum Topics


Hello all, and welcome to issue #16 of 'The Pulse'.

Doesn't the Sony/Bertelsmann merger seem like just another sign that
the music recording industry empire is crumbling? - I don't wanna know
how many employees will find themselves without a job in the next few
months - I know that tons of A&R people, who are responsible for
'finding' new talent were let go already... this can only be a short
sighted strategy... cut expenses where 'expendable' and put all the
money onto the already thriving horses ... to be continued ...

You might have already heard about the EricV PC Fund that we initiated
2 days ago. You can read all about it here:

Happy reading,


New Articles on iBreatheMusic

by Eric Vandenberg

There have been quite a few requests about an example workout. So here
is Part I of an mini-series about that. I'll show you the workout I
used to use a few years ago, and how to personalise it for yourself.


by Peter Simms

I put together a very easy Chord Melody arrangement of the Beatles
tune "Here Comes the Sun". It's for beginning to intermediate
students. Think about which fingers to use to play your notes. Common
sense will guide you ...


by Jorge Fernando Maldonado

Exotic scales can be used to create interesting sounds and emulate
some pretty interesting ethnic type of lines. Here are a few ideas on
how to start exploring the vast field of exotic scales ...


by Eric Vandenberg

Based on lot of discussions and requests in the forums, I decided to
elaborate a bit on bendings and vibrato, incl. pics and soundfiles. My
buddy Thorsten was nice enough to provide some soundfiles as well.
Remember my article about tone?


by Steve Carter

Because of the complexity of the fretboard, learning to sight-read on
the guitar requires a disciplined approach. In this article I'll
discuss the approach that worked well for me and has worked well for
many of my students.


Essential Listening: Dream Theater

Dream Theater – Images and Words 

This, to me, is not only my favorite DT-album, but one of my favorite
guitar-albums. Remember, only my opinion… 

Anyway, the album has some great songs (like 'Surrounded', which still
gives me goosebumps, the beautiful ballad 'Another Day' or the 'hit'
'Pull Me Under')

Also, the playing is amazing… 'Metropolis Part 1' shows the
overabundance of talent these guys possessed even back then, 'Take The
Time' goes through lots of different time signatures and changes and
has some awesome guitar-keyboard unisono lines.

Which brings us to the guitar-work… John Petrucci did an outstanding
job on this album. Not only did he display a very unique style and
lots of chops, he also payed homage to some of his influences…
inbetween you'll think 'Gee, this guy must have listened to Vai / SRV
/ Morse etc.' All that without ripping anyone off, but combining all
these influences into his own style.

His playing ranges from neck-breaking ('metropolis', 'Under A Glass
Moon') to emotional ('Another Day') and very melodic ('Surrounded')

And it's not only the lead-guitar work… John also came up with some
very inventive rhythm guitar parts for this album, and there's a
plethora of cool guitar sounds to be found. 

I am not a big fan of progressive rock, just never got too much into
it (although I really like DT and the Dregs… the latter influenced DT
quite a bit), but this one I listened to thousands of times. 

A great, very versatile and mature album by a band, which back then,
still was pretty much unknown… and I think they managed to display
both a high level of musician-ship AND some great songwriting.

This CD is available at Amazon.com:

Eric's Shred 101

Descending E Maj Scale, harmonized in thirds

Everyone who has been listening to bands like Iron Maiden or Judas
Priest knows this kinda lick... descending a scale while adding open
strings, and harmonizing it in thirds.

The difference here is that we are using a major scale (most of the
time, the bands mentioned above used minor scales). And with a major
scale, it sounds pretty cool, too.

It's a neat picking exercise for the right hand. So try this with
different scales, and hopefully you have another player around so you
can play it in harmony...

  Gtr I
   S S S S  S S S S  S S S S  S S S S   S S S S S S S S S S S S Q
| Gtr II
|  S S S S  S S S S  S S S S  S S S S   S S S S S S S S S S S S Q

The full notated example can be found in the html version of this
issue at http://www.ibreathemusic.com/pulse/view_nl.php?id=16

Sizzling Hot Forum Topics

We need Eric back!!!!

Knowing everything theory related

jason becker and marty friedman

Harmolodic Chords

tabs vs. sight-reading

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